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Three practical examples with wire mesh filters in medical technology.

Safety and quality have top priority in the manufacture of products for the medical technology sector. However, what does this mean in concrete terms as regards the design of individual components and the choice of materials? Using three filter components as examples, you can discover how woven wire cloth contributes to ensuring optimum product quality and patient care.

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When tiny meshes master mighty tasks:

Developing and manufacturing products in the medical sector is subject to particularly stringent requirements to ensure that using these products does not result in additional risks for patients beyond those involved in the necessary treatment.
Read the whitepaper to find out why woven wire cloth is often one step ahead of other types of product when it comes to efficiency and reliability.

These topics await you:

  • What filter components must achieve
  • Example applications: powder inhalers, blood filters, respirators
  • An outlook on the potential areas of application of woven wire cloth
  • The hallmarks of a good component manufacturer

Three examples of wire mesh filters in medical technology in the white paper:

Powder inhalers

Powder inhalers

Edged Parts in inhalers ensure the placement of the active ingredient capsule and optimal distribution of the medication. The edging of the fabric prevents loose wires and makes the sieves separable.

Blood filters

Blood filters

Due to precise pore sizes and antistatic properties, wire mesh blood filters retain microaggregates while allowing all viable blood components to pass undamaged.



As sections and round parts, wire mesh ensures the purity of the supplied air. Freedom from grease and protection from contamination in production contribute to the optimal protection of patients.

Why choosing Haver & Boecker?

For more than 130 years, Haver & Boecker has been one of the world’s leading wire weaving companies manufacturing woven wire cloth components for industry, technology, architecture and design. With its many years of experience, Haver & Boecker has developed manufacturing processes to fabricate woven wire cloth into filters and fabricated parts that meet individual technical requirements. In addition to a wide range of proven products, Haver & Boecker also offers the ability to develop new solutions for special requirements. Whether in the automotive industry, chemicals, medical technology, mechanical engineering, plastics processing, or aerospace - with customized products and solutions from Haver & Boecker, your products gain safety, efficiency and quality.

Made to meet the highest quality requirements:

Comprehensive quality management is a precondition for the technically complex process of producing woven wire cloth. For this reason, manufacturers in the medical technology sector rely on filters and fabricated parts made from this filigree yet robust material. The whitepaper outlines technical details and summarises the primary advantages of woven wire cloth.


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