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Ballast water treatment in the container shipping sector

Metal mesh filters ensure optimal mechanical pre-filtration

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Success factors for ballast water filters

Modern ballast water treatment systems based on chemical or physical processes are always preceded by mechanical cleaning in the form of a filter. This filter prevents the presence of larger organisms and reduces sediments in the ballast water tanks. The more precisely it separates, the less use of e.g. chlorine or UV light fails. Find out why filter media made of metal wire mesh are the ideal solution for efficient pre-filtration and what is important in their development.

These topics await you:

  • Background and risks from ballast water
  • Ballast water treatment for a high standard
  • Success factors for the optimum design of a ballast water filter with metal wire mesh

We address these three success factors in detail:



The plant footprint as an indicator of the ideal mesh form

Filter fineness

Filter fineness

Maintenance of the separation efficiency is decisive

Selection of the material

Selection of the material

The main qualities required are corrosion resistance and suitability for welding

Your contact for product solutions in water filtration

Haver & Boecker is one of the world's leading manufacturers of wire cloth for industry and technology. As a medium-sized family-owned company, we have played a decisive role in shaping the technology of wire weaving for more than 130 years. We develop and use innovative manufacturing processes to fabricate wire cloth into filters and fabricated parts. The combination of tradition and innovation results in customised solutions that meet the highest demands and are individually tailored to your requirements.

Multi-talent metal wire mesh

The mesh consists of a pre-defined combination of warp and weft wires which produce various mesh geometries according to selection of the wires as well as the mesh pattern. It is, above all, possible to precisely define exact geometrical structures, their pore sizes and therefore the material and through flow properties. It allows a consistent filter performance across the whole filter surface and is versatile to work with.

Ballast water treatment in the container shipping sector

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