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In our exclusive technical articles, we specifically address challenges and solutions for dealing with MICROPLASTICS, WASTEWATER and BALLAST WATER, in which metal wire mesh plays a central role.

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  1. Microfilters in the household and industry
  2. Treatment of household and industrial wastewater
  3. Ballast water treatment in the container shipping sector

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The fight against microplastics continues

From 2025, washing machines without microplastic filters will no longer be allowed to be sold in France.
Wire mesh filter elements are already being used in dishwashers and washing machines.

Microfilters in the household and industry

The danger of microplastics for the environment and us is well known - as is the fact that a complete avoidance of microplastics can hardly be realised in the near future. This makes early action all the more important. For the most part, microplastics enter the environment with precipitation and wastewater. So how can the entry of microplastics into the sewage system be reduced?

Find out where possible entry paths for microplastics in households and industry lie, why the use of filter media made of metal wire mesh is ideal here and what is important in their development.

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Details on the filtration of microplastics

  • 330,000 tonnes of microplastics are released into the environment every year. But not all microplastics are the same.
  • Which microplastics pose the greatest danger and where can barriers help at an early stage?
  • With wire mesh filters, throughput, filter fineness and cost-effectiveness can be optimised.

With woven wire cloth you can optimally combine following success factors:

Flow rate

The ideal ratio between flow rate and dirt pick-up.

Filter fineness

Filtration of solids ≥ 5 µm.

We'll tell you how.

Selection of the material

The main qualities required are corrosion resistance and suitability for welding.

Backwash filters in water treatment

Filter elements made of metal wire mesh are also the ideal solution when equipping automatic self-cleaning water filters - especially when considering flow rate, filter fineness and material selection.

Future-orientated wastewater treatment

Every day, vast quantities of valuable water flow into municipal wastewater treatment plants for treatment. Although the energy consumption of these plants is enormous, the energy contained in every cubic metre of wastewater is many times higher.

Find out how metal wire mesh helps to utilise this potential in addition to ensuring water of drinking water quality and what is important when developing filter elements.

No "stowaways" in ballast water

Ballast water treatment systems on container ships avoid the risk of introducing foreign organisms. A mechanical water filter is installed upstream of the chemical or physical processes. A maximum flow rate with precise filtration performance is extremely relevant for plant engineers.  

Find out how you can ensure efficient pre-filtration with the use of wire mesh filters and what is important in their development.

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  1. Microfilters in the household and industry
  2. Treatment of household and industrial wastewater
  3. Ballast water treatment in the container shipping sector

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Haver & Boecker oHG

From a combination of tradition and innovation, we develop wire mesh and customised filters and fabricated parts.

Product variety

Depending on the shape of the system, the wire mesh is individually fabricated into a flat, cylindrical or three-dimensional shape.

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We use certified measuring and testing procedures to prove that our wire mesh fulfils the relevant requirements.