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Electromagnetic shielding

Wire mesh for mobility, medicine and architecture

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Customised EMC-compliant shielding

With the advancement of e-mobility, Haver & Boecker, in cooperation with the Kern-Liebers Group, has developed a round and flat wire mesh for the efficient and reliable shielding of power electronic modules.

We thus offer manufacturers and suppliers a high-quality and customisable solution for EMC-critical assemblies in electromobility. However, the potential applications extend far beyond the automotive industry – the fabric can be processed into customised moulded parts for medical technology, aerospace and as a component of buildings and houses.

Read the whitepaper to find out how weaving in a flat wire enables efficient, EMC-compliant shielding and protects both vehicle occupants and the functional safety of technical systems.

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Figures and data from the white paper

  • 86 % is the area coverage of the flat wire mesh
  • Up to 80 dB shielding is achieved in the MHz range relevant for electric cars
  • Up to 150 cm is the possible mesh width for realising large-area shielding
  • > 99.5 % is the purity of the copper, which is generally used as a material

Three key advantages of wire mesh in EMC-compliant shielding

Broad spectrum of efficacy

Wire mesh allows highly efficient shielding of electromagnetic radiation in the high MHz and GHz range.

Stable and flexible

Wire mesh is robust and malleable, so that it can be draped excellently - even in geometrically complex installation situations.

Recyclable diversity

Whether non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and copper, steel or stainless steel alloys - our variety of materials leaves nothing to be desired.

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